sub title for Special Deal


This is the general Policy for and all sub-domains. Generally speaking, read this page and all the rules involved.

  1. Services or products are not provided for free.
    1. Do not propose, submit or reply with an offer or counter-offer that requires free service.
    2. "Free Service" includes any offer that promises a future payment, a bartering offer or any payment in transition but not complete.
    3. Payments made with a check is not complete until your check has cleared.

  2. The general policy of this web site is updated without notification. Its up to clients, sponsors and visitors to revisit and review this page from time to time.

  3. Do not negotiate.
    1. This does not include a friendly, regular client with a courteous respectful method of doing business.
    2. People that regularly negotiate are avoided.
    3. Special Deals are not negotiable.

  4. Special Deals mainly exist as test assignments and for networking.
    1. Use special deals to test any and all services.
    2. With all work, the goal is quality work delivered on time at a low price.
    3. A tight or limited timeline is avoided. There are no "rush jobs".

  5. This web site does not support spam and does not respond to spam.
    1. Repeated, on-going spam is noticed.
    2. Spam is deleted and blocked.
    3. In some cases, a spammers host is notified

  6. This web site is currently not accepting projects, offers or assignments that include or involve a commission.
    1. This does not relate to sidebar advertisement.
    2. This includes suggestions and referred offers

  7. Special Deals or discounts are acceptable with Non-Profit Organizations.
    1. Explain what you need done with a rate.
    2. Remember not to negotiate with established special deals

  8. Photos that are geared to deceive, mislead or scam anybody are not acceptable. In other words, This web site avoids people that provide a service or sell products that deceive, mislead or ripoff clients.

  9. Work can be provided to Established and Well known projects or programs related to schools, Churches and disaster relief projects.

  10. Clients work related to special offers can be used for promotional purposes.

  11. Clients and sponsors can receive support to help address or resolve any issues.