sub title for Special Deal



This page is for clients that have an issue or a problem that needs attention. Its important that you receive service. Suppor and help is mainly directed toward clients that have paid for their service.

Small problems or quick solutions are solved for free. Small problems take a few minutes or definitely less than an hour. Use the email address you previously received or any specific contact information included with your order. With any reply, include your name, the date of your order and the email Address you used when you contacted us.

Extensive revisions or any time consuming solutions require extra work and an extra fee from you. All work is a “business-to-business” relationship.

Read the policy page if you are interested in submitting an offer, proposal or an arrangement. does work for free.

Offering a commision is not a payment. Many web sites, freelancers and companies exist with offers involving a commision. Do not reply with a deal, offer or any deal that involves a commission.